We’re a unique infrastructure project delivery firm. We have unmatched experience in delivering multi-billion dollar projects on-time and on-budget, with good risk transfer to the private sector. We are creative problem solvers that relentlessly pursue results. We provide leadership, advisory and delivery s‍‍‍ervices that help projects integrate commercial and technical considerations to build strong, clear agreements that deliver successful projects.

We’ve played key roles in some of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects. Our team has delivered very large, complex, infrastructure projects acting in the full range of roles needed for successful Alternative Finance & Procurement programs.

We sweat the details. We work at the executive level to drive change and ensure a clear view of progress. And we dive in at the working-level to analyze and eliminate key barriers to success.


Confederation Line

Light Rail Transit, Ottawa

Senior management and procurement leadership of the Confederation Line, Ottawa’s $2.1 Billion Light Rail Project.

The project was awarded the 2013 Gold Award for Transportation Innovati‍‍‍on from the Canadian Council for Pu‍‍‍blic-Private Partnerships, the P3 Bulletin Silver award for best rail/transit projects in the Americas, and was named the North American PPP Deal of the Year by Project Finance Magazine in 2013.

Project website:

Eglinton Crosstown

Light Rail Transit, ‍‍‍Toronto

Our team provided senior management and procurement leadership on the Eglinton Crosstown, Toronto’s $5.3 Billion Light Rail Project.

Project website:

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Claudio Crespi

Since 1989, Claudio has been involved in a wide range of municipal and provincial bridge/transportation infrastructure, light rail, transit/rail station and bus rapid transit projects. His experience covers a wide scope of activities including the provision of Owner’s Engineer/Technical Advisor services during the implementation (design & construction) of large and complex bus and light rail projects delivered through various delivery models models.

James Christidis

James has 10 years of experience related to Environmental Site Assessments, Soil and Environmental Investigations, hydrogeologic field investigations and regulatory compliance and reporting involving aggregate resource sites.


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We are always on the look out for exceptional thinkers with extensive relevant experience.

Currently available positions:

AFP / P3 Specialist

Scott Bowers

‍‍‍Scott has over 25 years of experience in the engineering design of transit/rail corridors and stations, and has extensive project management experience in large scale transportation design and construction initiatives. Scott has also acted as site supervisor for a wide range of railway, structural and roadway construction projects, and the administration of c‍‍‍onstruction contracts.

Brian Guest

Brian Guest brings together detailed knowledge of government operations at all levels, municipal, provincial and federal. He combines a proven ability to grapple with complex policy with the ability to capitalize on communications opportunities. Brian has also been involved in issue management, crisis communication and policy creation at the highest levels of government, and has been instrumental in the modernization of major P3 infrastructure procurements in Canada.

Mark Waters

Mark has 28 years of experience managing the delivery of transportation infrastructure. The range of projects he has managed covers both new construction and rehabilitation of roads, highways, bridges as well as transit infrastructure including Subways, Light Rail Transit and Bus Rapid Transit. Mark’s work covers the full spectrum of both size and delivery methods including both large and small Design Bid Build Contracts to some of the largest P3 Projects in Canada.

Raquel Correa Gold

Raquel has over 17 years of experience working in the transportation industry. She has been involved in business development, project implementation, and technical advisory, and is experienced in the design-build and P3/PPP/AFP delivery methods. She is also intimately familiar with contract negotiations, risk and change management. Her experience in construction, design and technical advisory has contributed to her holistic understanding of the industry.

Paul Walkovich

Paul has extensive experience in delivering utility capital projects and providing utility coordination and risk management for transit projects. Paul’s strengths are in leading effective teams and building consensus in complex and challenging environments. Paul combines his detailed knowledge of utilities and experience with design-build/AFP procurements to identify utility risks and appropriate mitigation measures.  

Kent Barber

Kent has more than 18 years of highway and transit design experience in project management, planning, preliminary design, Environmental Assessments and detail design. Kent’s experience includes a wide range of transportation projects involving multi-disciplinary teams and extensive liaison with the client, all levels of government, emergency services, utility companies, property owners, the public, and other stakeholders.